Seonaidh is from Lochcarnan in South Uist, an area known to be steeped in traditional music and song, particularly piping. He studied for an HNC in traditional music in Benbecula College before going on to study the BA in Applied Music at Strathclyde University. His music has strong Hebridean roots and draws upon his upbringing in a Gaelic speaking community. From an early age, he received tuition from Dòmhnall Bàn MacDonald, and has been mentored by Iain and Allan MacDonald of Glenuig through his university courses. Seonaidh also sings, plays the whistle, small pipes and the border pipes, and is continually in high demand playing with a number of bands including Trail West with whom he has just released their first CD entitled “One that got away”

Seonaidh has just released a CD with his Uncle John Alex MacKay called “The Torlum Sessions.” It was recorded in John Alex’s house at 3 Torlum, Bencecula, the location of many’s a good session where you will always find a warm welcome. The main aim of this recording was to capture the feel and craic of these informal house sessions and we hope it give’s you a good taste of a tune at 3 Torlum!
John Alex and Seonaidh are joined by Alec Dalglish, Allan Henderson, Andrew MacPherson, Angus MacPhail, Bill Hart, Ewen Henderson, Iain MacDonald and Ross Wilson.
The CD can be purchased here.

no.1 album of 2015 copy

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